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PO Box 3307 Putney NSW 2112
ABN: 15 126 267 061 | Lic: 115059C

About Unique Constructions

Unique Constructions is one of Sydney's most dedicated boutique construction companies.  Building has been in the Fioravanti family for generations, with years of knowledge passed down, and with a combined experience of over 75 years, you know Unique Constructions wil be the right builders for your next project

Our Core Staff

Ricardo Fioravanti - Proprietor & Director
Ricardo has been in the building industry for over 16 years and has come from a family of master Craftsmen and Tradesmen. He has gained valuable experience working on a variety of projects and in different roles.

His experience ranges from working as an Estimator for some of the larger project home builders, where he gained valuable skills for accuracy. He has also worked in the building industry abroad in France, Italy and in England working for two of the largest building contractors in the UK.

All this experience combined with his passion for building has allowed Unique Constructions to gain a reputation for high standards of quality and customer service.

Michael Mulhall - Project Mangager and Forman
Michael shares a similar passion for the building industry as with Ricardo, he combines this passion with his high motivation to always deliver 100% in all that he does. He is always willing to provide assistance and offer his professional opinion.

Cameron Loftus - Leading Hand
Cameron is a strong and active team member of Unique Constructions. He has been with the company almost from its begining and is familiar with all our achievements and triupmhs having  been involved in just about all of them

Adriano Fioravanti - 4th Year Apprentice
Adriano has been involved with the building industry from a young age as he has learnt much from his grandfather, father and now uncle, and shows great promise of becoming a quality tradesman having learnt the Fioravanti ways,